ASR ~~ Commentary on a Communication

By Kris Neely

ASR wishes to acknowledge and to thank Ms. Sheri Lee Miller, Artistic Director of the Spreckels Theatre, for the following communication we received today. She writes…

“Yesterday, I posted ( anonymously on Facebook) an email I received containing a policy for reviews at Aisle Seat Review (ASR), which many of us found disturbing. I believed I had received the official policy written by the site’s owner, Mr. Kris Neely.

I was wrong. I have since learned it was a paraphrased version of the policy written by one of his staffers for internal use, not by Mr. Neely, nor did he approve it.

I apologize to Mr. Neely for incorrectly ascribing the words to him. I deeply regret the error, the rush to post, and any negative repercussions it may have caused for Kris Neely or Aisle Seat Review.

If anyone wishes to know about any policies or procedures at ASR, they should email their questions to”

Thank you, Ms. Miller