Happy New Year from Aisle Seat Review! | From Team ASR

As the new year dawns, Aisle Seat Review thanks all of our loyal readers—and all of the many theater companies that invite us to their productions month after month despite the fact that we don’t always praise their work.

Our intention is always to deliver honest appraisals with a goal of improving the theatrical experience for everyone involved—performers, technical crews, and audiences alike.

Like the year before it, 2021 was a rough period for the theater community, but we have emerged from months of lockdown stronger and more energetic than ever. ASR looks forward to a healthier, happier season with expanded coverage, including an enticing potential rollout of new regional editions.

If it’s theatrically significant, you’ll see it here–and we’ll see you at the show!

Happy New Year!

Editorial Team ASR:

  • Kris Neely, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
  • Barry Willis, ASR NorCal Executive Editor
  • Nicole Singley, ASR NorCal Senior Contributing Writer/Editor
  • Cari Lynn Pace, ASR NorCal Contributing Writer 
  • Victor Cordell, ASR NorCal Contributing Writer/Editor
  • Team ASR (technical review staff)